Value-based actions – internally and externally

For us, Compliance means much more than just a conformity with regulations. We associate this with a value-oriented corporate management which is based on current law and meets the expressed needs of our investors as well as employees.

The corporate values of EB GROUP are the cornerstone of efficient and ethical actions which we expect from all our team members. Together we bear the responsibility for a good relationship with our investors, business associates or tenants. As unlawful behaviour destroys their trust, compliance with current laws and regulations goes without saying. Thus, we won’t tolerate illegal or irregular conduct within our company.

With installing a professional compliance management we conduct ourselves in accordance with our corporate values. To prevent actions which are not consistent with our compliance principles we rely on communication and transparency: Our Compliance Manager serves as a central focal point for all team members. In an open dialogue he regularly informs about possible risks and provides preventive measures against fraud, corruption or any other illegal activities.

Code of Conduct

Our internal guidelines for compliance are combined within the EB GROUP Code of Conduct: Based on our corporate values it offers all team members clear guidance on how to deal with each other as colleagues and fellow employees as well as with third parties. The Code of Conduct focuses on specific areas in which the potential for rule violations or rather the potential damage is particularly high. The key areas are avoiding of conflicts of interest, protection against corruption and organised crime as well as protection of all corporate data. To strengthen our position as a responsible company, our Code of Conduct also draws attention to the issues of free competition, fair working conditions as well as mutual respect within our company.