be EB.

Being qualified, passionate, and fair are the pillars of our business success. We encourage our employees to improve their qualifications and maintain an open communication and feedback culture. At the same time we require our employees to show personal commitment, professional appearance, and specialist expertise.


Our employees’ qualifications are the basis for EB Group’s 360°property expertise. We have developed an extensive continuing education program for our team members, covering all relevant areas of expertise and promoting individual strengths. This helps to position us to meet the high demands of our investors for professionalism, quality, and reliability. We are also proactively preparing for the future challenges facing the real estate sector due to social and economic developments.


Qualifications and expertise form the basis for the success of EB GROUP, but a passion for properties is our motivation. Thanks to our passion for property, architecture, and building culture, we face the daily challenges of our work with noticeable enthusiasm. Our employees’ personal commitment helps to improve the quality of our services constantly and thus ensure the success of the group.


Our dynamic growth since the company was founded has only been achieved by our working together as a team. Therefore, cohesion within EB GROUP is very important: we work together and help each other meet the high quality demands the real estate sector needs. For this purpose, we maintain an open communication culture characterized by mutual respect and a loyal attitude.

be EB.