Transparent information and performance indicators

At Deutsche Investment fund management, the demands on both the asset and the property management are developed, implemented and checked. As a fiduciary asset manager, Deutsche Investment has an obligation to the investors and ensures that all fund and real estate-related services are implemented in the best possible way for the investors’ benefit. The aim is sustainable value development of the real estate portfolio as well as achievement of the stated key performance indicators.

Based on the corresponding real estate figures, long-term planning models and ongoing fund forecasts are drawn up by the fund management. These are intended for the target/actual comparison of the fund performance as well as checking and controlling the risk structure.

In direct dialogue with investors

The fund managers at Deutsche Investment control and monitor the departments involved as well as the external service providers. In addition, they draw up the regular fund reporting for the investors.

  • The joint market access of Deutsche Investment and EB GROUP ensures a high speed of investment in properties with attractive risk/return profile
  • High consensus of interests between investors and Fund Management
  • Proven expertise in all areas of property investments
  • Modern Reporting as well as high IT and interface competence
  • The dialogue with investors is the key to the conception of the fund strategy