Definitely the right property partners

With a multidisciplinary team of experts and a proven expertise in the management of residential and commercial properties, EB Group is the right partner for property management. We act on the clients’ behalf to correspond with tenants and regulatory authorities, coordinate service providers, handle the books for the property and its financing, and also optimise costs strategically. This is based on a central strategy developed for the property by asset management in close cooperation with the property managers. Our goal is to minimise risk and optimise return by ensuring quality throughout. 

Competence through specialised staff

Our team of experts covers all areas of property management and takes care of residential and commercial properties, the following services:

  • manage business, technical and infrastructure aspects of property
  • manage leases and maximise potentials for higher rental income
  • manage owner-occupied flats and other special properties
  • financial accounting and operating cost/heating bills
  • managing accounts receivables
  • manage insurance and other contracts
  • regular reporting and controlling